Sunday Meetings


Sunday is our main public meeting with a focus on introductory dharma concepts and readings. We begin our sessions with a brief chanting practice and some meditation followed by the readings for that day. We typically close with a little meditation and closing prayers, praying for our teacher’s long life and dedicating the merit of our time together.
You may notice some people bowing or prostrating to the shrine 3 times at the beginning of the session. This is a traditional way of showing respect yet there is no expectation for anyone to do this.

In our tradition there is a great emphasis on ‘lineage’ so we also chant some opening prayers in Tibetan and English to honor and request the support of those who have come before us. This is also entirely optional so participate at what ever level feels comfortable to you. Casual comfortable dress is fine.

Shrine Room Protocol

Traditionally, there are a few points of protocol when attending a practice.
Please try to enter the shrine room quietly and keep talking to a bare minimum.
Once you have your seat, you may get settled and meditate until the session begins.
If we are going to be chanting special texts, you can pick them up by the entry-way and have yours ready to go. Also avoid letting any text, dharma book or object touch the ground, using one of the provided mats.

Also, we ask that those sitting on cushions do not point their feet towards the Shrine.
Please keep any questions for after the session, unless the umze opens the floor.

There is tea and snacks following Sunday’s meeting, this is a good a time to ask any questions, look through the dharma store or socialize a little.