Padma Gochen Ling

Padma Gochen Ling is our rural retreat center on 10 acres of land in a remote hollow outside of Monterey, Tennessee, about 100 miles from Nashville. “Little Gochen” is also the namesake of Rinpoche’s home monastery in Tibet, which was recently rebuilt in 2007. We have a beautiful temple (gonpa) and a community building with large kitchen and dining room.

During retreats with Ven. Khenpo Tsewang Rinpoche, we have plenty of tent camping with hot outdoor showers. There are also a couple indoor apartment rooms in the Sangha House available for personal retreat, and we’re also open to other groups holding retreats there as well.

To inquire about group or personal retreat at Padma Gochen Ling, please email us here.

Enjoy videos of Padma Gochen Ling!